The Amphitheater is an outdoor setting on the grounds of the museum, with the Superstition Mountains in the background.

Please Note: In late 2017, we began our Amphitheater  relocation project, and the stones have been re-distributed and relocated slightly to the east of the previous location at the museum.  The project was necessary to make more room for our future building expansion project.

Amphitheater at the Museum - May 2018

Hand-cut facing stones originally from the Roosevelt Dam, now a part of the Superstition Mountain – Lost Dutchman Museum, in the outside Amphitheater area.

The Amphitheater itself is assembled with huge hand-cut facing stones that had been salvaged from Theodore Roosevelt Dam when the dam was resurfaced in 1993 and 1994. Superstition Mountain – Lost Dutchman Museum salvaged these hand-cut facing stones from the Roosevelt Dam in July of 1993.

Roosevelt Dam is the largest masonry dam in the world. The stones had been hand cut by Italian stone cutters who were brought in between 1906 and 1911 just for the building of the Roosevelt Dam.

In 1994 the dam was raised 77 feet and resurfaced. At the Roosevelt dam today, nothing remains visible of the original craftsmanship.

The amphitheater is available for weddings or other events. Imagine having your nuptial photos taken with the Majestic Superstitions as a back drop.