Barn Construction Details

Apacheland Barn with Doors OpenThe construction of the Apacheland Barn began with the site selection at the museum and the preparation of the foundation. The telephone poles from the Apacheland parking lot were used for the interior column supports. Eleven new roof trusses were made to bring the rafters back to 24-inch centers instead of the 30-inch original centers that allowed sagging of the roof. The roof was largely covered with the original wood shingles that came from Apacheland. All of those stacks of shingles, delicately stacked on six pallets at Apacheland by museum volunteers, were well worth the effort in the salvage project. The original boards for the sides of the barn were installed, but some serious reinforcement throughout the barn was necessary. From January 2007, volunteers have contributed over 1500 volunteer man-hours to finish the exterior of the barn.

Apacheland Gunfighter With Gun Drawn, Apache Junction, ArizonaThe barn is used for storage of non-delicate historical items. It houses a tack room, bunkhouse, horse stall, wagon, stagecoach (periodically), buggies, and other interesting period items related to the Grand Hotel in Apache Junction, and of course Apacheland.