Cowboy Blacksmith

Cowboy Blacksmith will be at the Museum on Saturdays and Special events

Jon Palmer has taken up residence this season as our blacksmith. He plans to be in the Blacksmith shop working on the forge on most Saturdays and during special events he will be sharing the forge with Michael Sobrado of Dragonforge Ironworks, who has been associated with the Museum in recent years.

Blacksmith Jon Palmer tending the fire in the shop.Jon was born and raised in Arizona, and is a descendent of Zemira Palmer, who came to Arizona in 1846 on his way to California where he helped build Sutter’s Mill by day and prospected for gold by night. Zemira was the cook’s helper on the U.S. Army Battalion that worked it’s way through Arizona guided by Palmira Weaver.

Jon is also a descendant of Peter Mortenson from Denmark, who moved out West in 1860. His first job out west was as a “Pony Express” rider on the Nevada / Utah border route.

Being born in the East Valley, Jon grew up on stories of the Superstition Mountains, and the Lost Dutchman’s Gold mine, and has spent most of his life hiking in and exploring the Superstitions Mountains.

He has been breeding, training, riding, and driving horses since he was fourteen years old, and began to call himself a professional horseshoer when he was 30.

Blacksmith Jon Palmer holding a large horseshoe.Jon is an accomplished welder and blacksmith he refers to himself as a Western Artist; when Jon is working in the Museum’s blacksmith shop he brings an assortment of his artworks for sale to the public.

His favorite authors are Jim Swanson and Tom Kollenborn.

With his training and experience in welding, he also refers to himself as a “Western Artist”. Here at the museum we just call him the “Cowboy Blacksmith” due to his experience as a horse breeder and farrier.

Jon with be in his Blacksmith Shop adjacent to the Apacheland Barn on Saturdays and during selected special events, including Heritage Days.