Nature Trail

Nature Walking Path at the Museum - showing circa 1900 photo of Weeks Ranch Cattle Round-upWell marked nature walks crisscross the areas surrounding the museum buildings, all located at the base of the West Wall of the beautiful Superstition Mountain….a one of a kind location.

The total walking distance of the Nature Walk is approximately 1/3 mile.

Photo Gallery from the Nature Trail:

Highlights of the walk are available in our nature walk guide (see below), which highlights the following plants and trees along the scenic walk.

  1. Chain Fruit Cholla – also called Jumping ChollaCylindropuntia fulgida
  2. Century PlantAgave Americana
  3. Blue Palo VerdeParkinsonia florida
  4. Giant SaguaroCarnegiea gigantean
  5. Ocotillo – (okoteo) Fouquieria splendens
  6. Prickly Pear CactusOpuntia engdmannii
  7. Buckhorn CholloCylindropuntia acanthocarpa
  8. Jojoba BushSimmondsia chinensis
  9. Foothill Palo Verde – (Spanish for green wood or stick) Parkinsonia microphylla
  10. Brittle BushEncelia farinose
  11. Triangle-leaf BursageAmbrosia deltoidea
  12. IronwoodOlneya tesota
  13. Pincushion CactusMammillaria microcarpa
  14. Teddy Bear ChollaCylindropuntia bigelovii
  15. Desert MistletoePhoradendron californicum
  16. Fishhook Barrel CactusFeroocactus wislizeni
  17. Creosote BushLarrea tridentate
  18. Mormon TeaEphedra trifurca
  19. White RatanyKrameria greyi
  20. Fairy DusterCalliandra eriophylla
  21. Nurse Tree or Nurse Plant
  22. Engelmann’s Hedgehog CactusEchinocereus engelmannii
  23. Mesquite TreeProsopis velutina
Cover of the Superstition Mountain Museum Nature Walk Guide

Nature Walk Guide (.pdf, 552kb)


Superstition Mountain Museum Nature Walk Guide (.pdf, 552kb)
This (printable, 8½”x 14″, two sided) nature walk guide handout is also available for free in our Museum Gift Shop. Additional links to each of the plants/trees are provided in this online version.