The Cossak 20-stamp mill ore crusher, reconstructed and enthroned on the museum grounds after a grueling salvage project and a years-long restoration project undertaken by a dedicated cadre of volunteers, is a true vestige of bygone days and a magnificent piece of mining history. Its salvage and restoration serves as an important testament to the efforts of many people over a span of 25 years.

Epoxy Donated by HILTI of Phoenix, AZ

Epoxy Donated by HILTI of Phoenix, AZ

Our museum has been lucky enough to benefit from the efforts of many individuals, among them Charlie Connell and Roger Camplin who are knowledgeable about the repair and restoration of these old mills. These men trained and supervised the efforts of an incredibly hard working crew of volunteers including:

Guy Bolinger, Bob Chapin, Lee Cooper, Rob Dunlap, Tom Fischer, Ken Grieger, Jim Geil, Morris Jackson, Bill Kane, Richard Lowe, Bill Lytle, Doug Mercer, Chuck Messersmith, Larry Miller, Ted Montague, Phil Reinhardt, and Charlie Ziegler.

"WE BUSTED OUR BUTTS" Larry & Chris Hedrick, Virgil Worth, Hank Brown, Ed Johnson, Jay Zingler, Ray Girten, Salvadore Delgadillo, & Mark, Zach & Bob Schoose. The men that made this exhibit possible.

  • The Jackshaft bearing was donated from LC Vought, Colorado
  • The Bull Wheel Drive Belt was donated by the FedEx Corporation, California
  • Epoxy for the Upright Anchors were donated by Hilti, Phoenix AZ

Sincere and everlasting gratitude goes to all of the people whose efforts have made this monumental restoration dream come true.

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