Intro to Herbal Medicine

Blue Icon Petroglyph Man - Classes Event Date(s): 02/03/2018     Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am


Class – Introduction to Herbal Medicine with Natalija Kyle

Have you ever wondered how to use herbs as medicine?  It’s easier then you think to incorporate these gifts of nature, into your daily life!  If you have ever chewed a ginger candy for a tummy ache or sipped on a cup of Chamomile tea to relax, then you have already experienced the many benefits of plant medicine!  In this class we will talk about how and why you would use herbs as ‘medicine’, safe and effective ways to use them and simple recipes to create your own herbal medicine at home.

Natalija Kyle

As a Holistic Healthcare Practioner and clinical Herbalist, Natalija’s passion is empowering others to connect with their bodies innate healing abilities through nutrition and lifestyle choices.  With her knowledge of plant medicine and healthy whole food eating she educates on how to create self reliance in your healthcare.   She loves to teach about the many gifts and benefits of herbal medicine allowing you to feel confident in caring for yourself and family.

Natalija, clinical herbalist, HHcP, and YTT,  has education and certifications in Herbal medicine, Yoga and Reiki.

Class fee is $25.00 per person. Registration is required. Applications are available online (below), and are also available in the Museum Store.
2018 Intro To Herbal Medicine Class Registration Form (.pdf, 359kb)2018 Intro To Herbal Medicine Class Registration Form (.pdf, 359kb)

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