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Meet the Author!

Saturday, September 1, 2018, 10:00 am, in the Elvis Chapel. FREE!

Come meet Dan Baldwin, “Ghost Communicator” and Author, and learn about some of the spirits he has met in the Old West!

Featured Author EventDan Baldwin is an award-winning author of novels and non-fiction works, with more than 60 published works (50 under someone else’s name). He is also a co-author and ghostwriter of books on paranormal phenomenon in the American South West. Dan is a self-described “Ghost Communicator”, who discovered psychic abilities late in life and calls himself a Featured Author Dan Baldwin“psychic on training wheels.” Pendulum dowsing is his skill.

Dan will be discussing his latest book, “Speaking With Spirits of the Old Southwest”, co-written with Dwight and Rhonda Hull, who, in addition to being paranormal researchers, are also highly knowledgeable historians of the Old West and are experienced in traditional research techniques and resources, which contributes significantly to their work in the paranormal field.

The book combines SW history with the intriguing aspect of paranormal research. What better way to study history than to speak with the spirits who were there at the time?

This should be a lot of fun! And you might even learn a thing or two. Dan loves to answer questions about his research and experiences, so don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions!

Dan will be speaking in the Elvis Chapel at 10:00. This event is FREE and open to the public! You will be able to purchase copies of his books in the General Store. After his presentation, Dan will be available to answer questions and sign copies of the book.


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