Featured Author – Diane & Ronald Kryz

Orange Icon Lizard - Special Event Date(s): 06/23/2018     Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am


Meet the Authors!

Local authors Dee and Ronald Kryz will be in the Chapel on Saturday, June 23,  discussing and signing copies of their newest  book “Believe in the Magic of Your Dreams”, an uplifting amazing tale about the adventures of three cousins who take us on a journey through the Superstition Mountains, where they encounter aliens from another planet who came to Earth with a sinister plane to steal all of Earths fresh water. Jessie and Eddie are zapped up into the spaceship. It tells of four adventures in this episodic story: Grandfathers Gold, The Planet Htrae, Aliens Among Us and the Bermuda Triangle, as we follow Jessie, Eddie, W.C, Crystal , Cleo and Tulips into time and worlds far beyond our reach. Armed with a very special magical secret, as they meet challenges to find their way back to Earth while lost in a time machine. Circumstances that are sometimes funny, frighten, happy, difficult and they always find that magic that lives within; the friends are ready to handle anything. Now of course that little extra magic helps them out.

Dee and Ron Kryz are the dedicated writers and authors of “Believe in the Magic of Your Dreams” They started their married lives in the military and raised a family along the way while they traveled the world. They are now residing in Florence Arizona.

Their book will be available for sale in the General Store the day of the event.

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