Flintknapping Class

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Learn flintknapping from an expert!

Flintknapping can produce some beautiful arrowheads.

Flintknapping can produce some beautiful arrowheads.

An all-day class on flintknapping has been scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 4, from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Superstition Mountain Museum. Cost of the class is $30 per person and class registration is required.

Flintknapping or knapping is the shaping of flint, obsidian or some other high silica stones through a controlled process of lithic reduction to make stone tools, sharp projectile points like arrowheads or spearheads, flat-faced stones to for building strikers or décor, or, in modern times, even creating art. The original Germanic term “knopp” meant strike or shape.

The art itself has been practiced by humans and their ancestor species for over 3 million years and possesses a certain timelessness. The Native Americans produced some of the finest projectile points and blades in the world. In today’s world, flintkapping is often learned by outdoorsmen for survival reasons.

Class instructor Jon Boyd is a multi-talented teacher and author with broad experience in outdoor skills and tracking. He is semi-retired, and teaches stone tool making as part of Pima Community College curricula. Jon is a graduate of the University of SW Louisiana, where he was first introduced to flintknapping more than 40 years ago.

John Boyd, expert on flintknapping and tool making.

John Boyd, expert on flintknapping and tool making.

The class consists of an hour’s morning lecture and a video on the history of flintknapping, the concepts behind how it works, and use of the materials involved. After a one-hour lunch break, there is an afternoon session devoted to working hands-on with stone and flintknapping tools.

Students should be sure to dress for spending time outdoors, wear eye protection and gloves (glasses or sunglasses are OK, or safety glasses will be provided), and should not wear shorts or open-toed shoes. This activity generates very sharp edges, and exposed flesh can receive a cut.



Applications will be available soon online and in the Museum Store.






ARC 062 Stone Tool Making - Jon Boyd October 2015, Class Lecture Handout - (Password provided to students in class)

Already attended Jon’s class?

Course lecture outline is available to past students by clicking on the ARC 062 graphic to the left. (Jon provides the password when you attend the class).

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