Magic of Mexican Artistry

Orange Icon Lizard - Special Event Date(s): 03/10/2017 - 03/12/2017     Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Mata Ortiz Displays in the Apacheland BarnMaster potters, weavers, jewelers, and wood carvers from Mexico will be featured at our “Magic of Mexican Artistry” event at Superstition Mountain Museum Friday, Saturday & Sunday, Mar. 10, 11 &12, 2017. Admission to the event and parking are free.

Being hosted by the museum will be many of the prize-winning pre-eminent artisans of Mata Ortiz and Oaxaca who will be demonstrating their pottery-making, jewelry making, woodcarving and painting skills, and natural dyeing and weaving techniques in demonstrations and workshops during the weekend. Visitors will be able to observe, and converse, with the artists as they work. Finished works will be on display and for sale.

Magic of Mexican Artistry Event Flyer - March 11 & 12, 2017 (.pdf, 370kb)Magic of Mexican Artistry Event Flyer (.pdf, 370kb)

Today, Mexican artisans occupy a place amongst some of the finest in the world. These individuals create unique pottery that is considered to be among the world’s best, weave beautiful tapestries utilizing traditional materials and natural dyes, meticulously carve and paint intricate wooden fantasy animals, and fashion unique silver jewelry. Guardians of age-old folk traditions passed down from generation to generation, these devoted indigenous artisans, some of them tucked away in remote villages of Mexico, often dedicate days or weeks to creating one exquisitely-crafted piece.

Such is the case in the village of Mata Ortiz in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico, where families of artists are creating handmade ceramics, according to a centuries-old method that was re-discovered and perfected by one of the villagers, Juan Quezada. After years of trial and error, by the 1970s, Quezada had reinvented the technique used 500 years ago, reviving a tradition that has transformed his village into a community of master potters and artists.

Master Potter Husband & Wife team - Laura Bugarini & Hector GallegosAmong this year’s artists will be the master potter husband-and-wife team of Laura Bugarini and Hector Gallegos, and also master potter Lila Silveira. They will be demonstrating their unique pottery-making skills that result in the superb pottery created in the village of Mata Ortiz in Mexico. Laura and Hector won the top two prizes in the annual Mexican-government sponsored juried art show (the Mata Ortiz Concurso) last year. Laura’s detailed and work design (known as the Burgarini style) is considered to some of the finest in the village. Hector’s style is etched “sgrafitto” work incorporating finely-detailed animal designs. Both of them have exhibited art work at many international shows and been awarded many honors.

Artisan Mario holding Oaxaca Wood Carvings - Toro and a Monkey

Whimsical wooden sculptures of animals and birds painted in vivid colors like these held by artist Mario Castellanos are some of the most famous folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico.

The carving and painting techniques resulting in the beautiful whimsical animals from Oaxaca will also be showcased at this event, including Mario Castellanos Gonzalez, one of the top three carvers in Mexico today, and his wife, Reina Ramirez, who paints his intricate designs with intriguing patterns and colors. They will be at the event displaying their dizzying array of sculptures of both real and imaginary animals to delight attendees.


Artisan Yesenia Salgado, creator of gorgeous and unique silver filigree jewelry, will be returning to this year’s event, as well.


Zapotec Weaver Porfirio Gutierrez

Master weaver Porfirio Gutierrez of Oaxaca, Mexico weaves beautiful textiles using traditional methods.

Master weaver Porfirio Gutierrez of Oaxaca, Mexico, part of a Zapotec weaving family with generations of artisans before him, will also be at the museum demonstrating his craft and explaining the benefits of weaving textiles in the traditional Zapotec way using natural dyes from insects, plants and minerals native to Mexico.

Once again, the Museum is pleased to be hosting these awesome artisans as they demonstrate their crafts and sell their exquisite products. The event runs from 9am to 4pm each day and admission is free to the public.

Mexican Artistry Examples:

Photos from this past Event:

Magic of Mexican Artistry – Special Photo Gallery (Photography by Jack Olson)

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