Magic of Mexican Artistry

Orange Icon Lizard - Special Event Date(s): 03/09/2018 - 03/11/2018     Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Famous Artisans Add to “Magic of Mexican Artistry”

Due to popular demand, the “Magic of Mexican Artistry” event is returning to Superstition Mountain Museum.

Adding an exciting note to this year’s event will be the presence of Master Potter Lydia Quezada Celado de Talavera from the village of Mata Ortiz in northwestern Chihuahua, Mexico.  She is considered the Matriarch of the Mata Ortiz potters because she is the younger sister of Juan Quezada, the man who rediscovered and perfected the technique used to create the beautiful Mata Ortiz pottery that is so popular with collectors today. His lifetime of devotion to this task has transformed his village into a community of master potters, foremost among them being his sister and his nieces and nephews.

Lydia Quezada with one of her large pots

A Lydia Quezada pot


Lydia’s daughter, Pabla Talavera Quezada, and her son, Moroni Talavera Quezada, will be coming with Lydia for this event.

One of Pabla Quezada’s pots

Fan favorite Lila Silveira, also a student of Juan Quezada, will be returning this year.

Magic of Mexican Artistry Event - Mata Ortiz Pottery by Lila Silveira

Lila Silveira at work

On each of the three days of this special event, the artists will create and decorate pots, which be fired in a pit by the amphitheater. The pots will then be auctioned off.

Oaxacan wood carvers from Mexico have been famous for years for practicing the folk art tradition of carving detailed whimsical fantasy animals and painting them in intricate patterns and bright colors.  Two of the most accomplished of these artists, Mario Castellanos and his wife, Reina, will be selling and demonstrating their work on site.

Artisan Mario holding Oaxaca Wood Carvings - Toro and a Monkey

Whimsical wooden sculptures of animals and birds painted in vivid colors like these held by artist Mario Castellanos are some of the most famous folk art from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Master weaver Porfirio Gutierrez of Oaxaca, Mexico, part of a Zapotec weaving family with generations of artisans before him, will also be returning , demonstrating his craft and explaining the benefits of weaving textiles in the traditional Zapotec way using natural dyes from insects, plants and minerals native to Mexico.  He is also going to be the lead-in lecturer to the event on Thursday, Mar. 8 at 2 p.m.

Porfirio Guiterrez, traditional Zapoteca weaver, working on weaving loom

Porfirio at his loom

Zapotec Weaving Rug Design

A Porfirio Gutierrez weaving

Returning this year to delight our visitors is Yesenia Salgado Tellez,  a highly skilled metal worker who creates masterful sterling silver pieces in the ancient and disappearing filigree jewelry style that Oaxaca, Mexico was previously known for. She is a powerful and talented voice for the importance of preserving folk art traditions that are rapidly being replaced with the mass production of products without a human hand, nor a spirit of creativity behind them. At only 28 years of age, and the youngest member of her family, she is already winning awards for her precise and lovely silversmithing. She began silversmithing at only sixteen years of age! With her own hands she is able to craft a gorgeous range of jewelry that pays homage to her ancestors and the traditions that were passed on to her by her very own parents.

Yesenia Salgado, Oaxaca Silver Filigree Jewelry Artist

Yesenia Salgado

Oaxaca Silver Filigree Jewelry Art by Yesenia Salgado Oaxaca Silver Filigree Jewelry Art by Yesenia Salgado

“Mata Ortiz to You” will be back with their gorgeous silver jewelry created with shards of Mata Ortiz pottery.

Finished works by all of the visiting artists will be on display and for sale.

Admission and parking are free. A Kettle Corn vendor and Pat the Hot Dog Lady will be on the grounds to provided refreshments.

The big Trains will be running from 10-2, and the Stamp Mill will be crushing rock.

Magic of Mexican Artistry Weekend Schedule

 Friday and Saturday

  • 10:00 Stamp Mill Demo
  • 11:00 pot firing talk and demo, and auction of fired pot
  • 1:00 Stamp Mill Run
  • 2:00 pot firing talk and demo, and auction of fired pot


  • 11:00 pot firing talk and demo, and auction of fired pot
  • 1:00 Stamp Mill Demo
  • 2:00 pot firing talk and demo, and auction of fired pot

Wood carvers, potters, and weaver will be demonstrating all throughout the day, all three days.


Mexican Artistry Examples:

Photos from this past Event:

Magic of Mexican Artistry – Special Photo Gallery (Photography by Jack Olson)

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