Magic of Mexican Artistry (Featuring Pottery of Mata Ortiz)

Date(s): 03/13/2020 - 03/15/2020     Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


Famous Artisans Create “Magic of Mexican Artistry”

Due to popular demand, the “Magic of Mexican Artistry” event is returning to Superstition Mountain Museum. For three days, from Friday, March 8th to Sunday, March 10th, the grounds, patio, and barn will be home to some of Mexico’s finest artisans. Potters, wood carvers, a weaver, and a silversmith will be have examples of their work and be demonstrating their art techniques. DeSilva Imports will have numerous examples of all art forms available for sale.

This year’s headline artist will be Diego Valles, who has been called “the most exciting artist of Mata Ortiz pottery today.”  Valles’ work is said to be “expanding the limits of Mata Ortiz and Mexican ceramics” taking pottery to “a new level, that of Contemporary Art.” In 2010, he was awarded the National Youth Award for Arts, which is Mexico’s highest honor presented to a young living artist.   

Coming to Superstition Mountain Museum for the first time, Diego will be accompanied by his wife, Carla Martinez, who is also an accomplished potter and has recently started a beautiful line of scarves.      

Joining him at the three-day event will be another Mata Ortiz pottery artist, Lila Silveira, who is a favorite of local collectors. Lila has graced this event many times in recent years.

Mario Castellanos Gonzalez, recognized as one of the finest wood carvers in Oaxaca known for his colorful, whimsical animal figures, will be returning with his artist wife Reina Ramirez. Mario will be demonstrating his carving techniques.     

Famed  Zapotec textile artist and lecturer Porfirio Gutierrez will also return this year to the event with his weavings incorporating the traditional designs of his ancestors merged with broad-stroked, liberated modern designs.   

Porfirio was recognized by the Smithsonian as an Artist in Leadership for his efforts in preserving the use of natural dyes.

Jewelry lovers will delight that Yesenia Salgado Tellez, a highly skilled silversmith who is part of a Oaxacan powerhouse family metalsmithing workshop, will be at the event demonstrating her expertise at creating breathtaking sterling silver jewelry.       

Those who prefer more unusual jewelry may find something at Mata Ortiz to You who will there with unique jewelry that combines ceramic pieces with silver in unusual ways.


Admission and parking are free for the art event from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. all three days

Mata Ortiz 2019 Actual Schedule of Activities

An added attraction to this year’s celebration is a concert by Domingo DeGrazia and His Spanish Guitar Band on Saturday evening, March 9, at 5 p.m. in the museum amphitheater.  Admission to this concert is $10 per person.

Domingo DeGrazia blends Spanish guitar passion with the flair of flamenco music. His music couples dynamic rhythms with vibrant Latin, salsa and rock drum beats. An Arizona native, raised with the sounds and imagery of the desert southwest, DeGrazia’s guitar playing has charmed audiences with songs that are as rhythmic as they are percussive, moving from passionate to whimsical and elegant to sorrowful. Domingo, solo and with his band, has recorded several CDs, some of which will be on available for purchase after the concert. To hear the amazing music of Domingo and his band, go to




Mexican Artistry Examples:

Photos from this past Event:

Magic of Mexican Artistry – Special Photo Gallery (Photography by Jack Olson)

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