Stamp Mill Demo

Miner Pushing Mining Car Date(s): 03/08/2018     Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am


Visitors preparing for the demonstration of the 20-stamp Mill on the museum grounds.The newly restored Cossak 20-stamp Ore Mill will be running today. When you hear the old steam whistle blow, you have 5 minutes to get up to the mill. There is no charge for this demonstration.

20-stamp Mill Tri-fold Brochure (.pdf, 301kb)

After the Stamp Mill, get a hot dog from Pat the Hot Dog Lady, and stay for the lecture which begins at 2:00. Today’s speaker will be renowned Zapotec weaver Porfiro Gutierrez, talking about “Zapotec Culture”. This will be the kick-off for our annual three-day “Magic of Mexican Artistry” event, in which we will have artisans from Mexico on the grounds demonstrating their crafts and selling their products. This year we will have potters from Mata Ortiz, wood carvers from Oaxaca, and Jewelers from Taxco, and weavers.

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