This Week at the Museum

This week (9/17 to 9/23) at the Superstition Mountain Museum!

The  weather service say the temperature this Saturday, September 23rd, is supposed to be 87 and sunny,  with 22% humidity, and no rain. A great day to bring the whole family out to Superstition Mountain Museum.

Start your visit to the Museum in our air-conditioned Museum that is chock full of well-researched displays about the  history and culture of the Superstitions area. The kids will enjoy “Animal Fun Facts with Stacy”. She can tell you neat facts about the animals that live in our part of the Sonoran Desert. She has a new display about some of the dangerous plants we have in the desert and how to avoid them.

Volunteer Stacy in the Museum Wildlife Exhibit

Our Volunteers will gladly tell you stories about the De Grazia and Apacheland exhibits.

Shop for unique gift items in our Museum Store. In addition to jewelry, pottery, and wood carvings by Native American artists, we boast one of the East Valley’ largest selections of books about the Superstitions area and its history and legends. Karen, Vicky, Shirley, and Bob, our pleasant and knowledgeable Museum Store volunteers will be more than happy to help you pick out that perfect gift or souvenir from your visit to the Museum. We just received a shipment of the latest revision of Hank Sheffer’s book “The Missing Link: An Historical accounting of Jacob Waltz and the ‘Dutchman’s Lost Gold’.

We have added a new option to our registers to allow you to make a donation to our Building Fund Drive. You can have our volunteer had a extra dollar or two or more to your purchase total, with the money going directly to Building fund to finance the expansion of the Museum.

Take a walk out to the air-conditioned Elvis Memorial Chapel, where you can view posters of many of the movies filmed at the old Apacheland Movie Ranch, or sit in the pews and watch a video presentation about the Superstition Mountains, the Lost Dutchman, or some of the many movies and TV shows filmed at Apacheland. Check out the larger than life statue of Elvis, and the special display of famous Country singer Patsy Montana’s footprints. Ray and Ruth, our Chapel docents can answer many of your questions about the Chapel and Apacheland. Ray and Ruth will be off the next two weeks but our other volunteers will gladly answer your questions about Apacheland.

Ventriloquist Chuckwagon Wanda and Digger the Donkey Right across from the old town is our replica of a classic Wells Fargo stagecoach, great for photos of the kids you will treasure forever. When you leave the Chapel, you will walk by the “Old West Town”, where you can find Chuckwagon Wanda, our Resident ventriloquist and her fuzzy buddy Digger the Donkey, hanging around by the Old Town. They are hilarious. Wanda can tell you about some of the artifacts you can see there, while Digger will crack you up with his witty observations and sayings.

Morgan Earp, Mary and ConchoTalk to our resident “Cowboys”. Concho, our old cowboy, will regale you with stories about the Apacheland Barn and the movie and TV shows that were filmed at Apacheland. Morgan Earp, sometimes accompanied by his Lady Friend Maria, hangs around in the Barn and around the jail in the “Old West Town”. If you ask, Concho and Morgan will lock you in the jail. Blacksmith Jon Palmer standing in front of the Blacksmith Shop

As you walk up towards the old Apacheland Barn, also known as the Audie Murphy Barn in memory of the famous war hero and actor, veer slightly to right to visit the Blacksmith shop, where Jon the “Cowboy Blacksmith” will show you how to make “prairie rings” and regale you with tales of the Lost Dutchman. Jon also sells products he has created using the working coal forge located in the shop.

When you start getting thirsty, or feel the need for a snack, check out Charlie’s General store just inside the Barn, where you get a refreshing Sarsaparilla or bag of snacks. While you are there, Alex and Sandi can help you pick out a great souvenir of your visit.

Check out the old Bunkhouse in the barn, where, if you listen closely, you can actually hear the old cowboys snoring in their bunks. Dr. Blackjack will not be here this week, as he is taking a two-week getaway from the heat.

Teton Ken Performing "Doctor Black Jacks Magic Show" in the Apacheland Barn

Teton Ken Performing “Doctor Black Jacks Magic Show” in the Apacheland Barn

The Big trains have been put away for the summer, but you can still see the small train set in the back of the barn, and watch an awesome video of the big trains, hosted by one of our Railroad docents.

The Stamp Mill won’t be running this week; the next demo will be on Saturday, October 14th. It will run twice that day, at 11:00 and again at 1:00.

20 Stamp Mill Demonstration at Heritage Days & Apacheland Reunion - 2016

If the kids have any energy left they can check out the Arrastre and the Eighth of an Inch Mine Headframe. On the way back to the main museum building, you can take pictures in front of the Remington Bronze Sculpture.

Schedule for the week of 9/17 to 9/23/17:

  • Everyday 
    • 9:00 to 4:00 – Regular Museum Hours
    • 10:00 to 2:00 – Small trains running – Barn
    • 10:00 to 2:00 – Train video running – Barn
  • Saturday 9/23
    • 10:00 to 2:00 – Fun Animal Facts with Stacy – in Museum
    • 10:00 to 2:00 –Ventriloquist Chuckwagon Wanda and her fuzzy buddy Digger – Old West Town
    • 10:00 to 2:00 – Cowboy Blacksmith – Blacksmith Shop
    • 10:00 to 2:00 – Concho and  Morgan Earp – in the Barn

Saturdays in September don’t need to be boring. Bring the family out to the Superstition Mountain Museum and have some fun. And maybe learn some interesting History facts while you’re here!

NOTE: Stacy, Chuckwagon Wanda& Digger, Jon the Cowboy Blacksmith, Concho, and Morgan, and Dr. Blackjack McCobb are planning to be here every Saturday in August. However, sometimes things happen and one or more of them may not be able to make it out to the Museum. Call ahead on Saturday morning to verify who will be here. 480-983-4888.

Don’t forget, if you are planning on getting married soon, the Elvis Chapel is a great place to do so. We also have special group rates for tours and school groups. They have fun learning about the history and legends of the Superstition Mountains.