Upon Tom Kollenborn’s (1938-2018) Passing

A giant has left us!

The Board of Directors of the Superstition Mountain Historical Society, along with staff and volunteers at the museum, are dismayed and saddened to learn of the passing of Tom Kollenborn, one of the founders of the historical society who played a crucial role in establishing the museum.
Since Tom, widely known as one of the foremost historians and experts on the Superstition Mountain Wilderness, was introduced to the Superstition Mountains as a child by his father, his fascination and love for the area has never waned. He spent the rest of his life pursuing a drive to discover, preserve and protect the history and legends of the area.
Historian, guide, educator, author, lecturer, photographer and purveyor and guardian of the lore of the mountains …Tom was all these things and more. In his role as longtime teacher and then Community School Director at the Apache Junction Unified School District, Tom dedicated his life to educating both youth and adults and igniting in them a sense of wonder about the towering mountains on the eastern horizon.
He worked tirelessly to promote and improve the community of Apache Junction. As an active participant in the local chamber of commerce for years, he was the town’s loudest cheerleader and one of its most influential leaders. The passing of the tall, lanky, familiar figure in the cowboy hat is being mourned by the entire community and this speaks volumes about his longtime stature in it.
Tom now takes his important and rightful place in the history of the Superstition Mountains, and his life story, alongside all of the stories he shared and preserved, will become part of its annals.
Deepest condolences are expressed to Tom’s family and all of his friends. He will be missed by many.
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