We have a new director

Superstition Mountain Museum has a new Executive Director!

John Schempf has been hired as the Superstition Mountain Museum’s executive director.

He has resided in the Superstition foothills for 10 years and has also been a longtime member of the museum, according to a release.

The bulk of his career has been spent in city management, in widely differing areas of the nation, with one of his most recent positions being town manager for four years in Clifton, Arizona.

Abilities honed during his longtime employment in this field include astute organizational skills, supportive leadership, respectful and clear communication skills, sound financial acumen, effective long range planning, goal visualization and accomplishment, according to the release.

Mr. Schempf feels  this background will serve him well in his new position, stating that he sees some similarities and some differences in the new challenges awaiting him as museum director, but he is enthusiastic about settling in and taking over the reins of the non-profit institution, the release states.

Superstition Mountain Historical Society Board of Directors members are enthusiastic as well.

“John will be leading the museum through an exciting phase of growth with special emphasis on community involvement. Look for good things happening at the museum,” Board Vice-Chairman David Raring said in the release.

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