Superstition Mountain Museum

Superstition Mountain Museum is pleased to announce our new “Movies at Museum” Olde-Tyme Classic Western Movie series.
Rin Tin Tin
Every Tuesday afternoon at 1:00, from June 7 to July 26, we will be showing a different classic Western featuring such stars as Roy Rogers, Ronald Reagan, and Randolph Scott. Each feature movie will be preceded by one or more installments of the Rin Tin Tin serial “The Lone Defender“.

The movies will be shown in our air-conditioned Elvis Chapel, and will be free to the public. Donations will be gratefully accepted. Refreshments will be available in Charlie’s General store in the Apacheland Barn. Visitors are encouraged to come early as seating in the Chapel is limited. Check our Events calendar for a list and dates of movies to be shown. See you at the movies this summer!

About the Superstition Area

Perhaps nowhere in the entire United States is there an area full of legend, history and intrigue as the rugged 160,000 acre Superstition Mountain range in the Tonto National Forest in Central Arizona. Archeological evidence indicates people were here some 9000 years ago. Later inhabitants included the Salado, Hohokam and Apache Indians, followed by Spanish explorers and Mexican Gold Miners. Early American trappers and adventurers migrated to the area and were soon followed by cattlemen and farmers. Eventually, the U.S. Cavalry was sent in to establish forts to protect this rapidly growing population. As modern times approached, men and women began searching for what they believed was the richest gold mine in the world.

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